"Here we go again"!

Well... you are not going to believe this. It's the most shocking thing since man walked on the moon! Matt LOVES the trailer for an upcoming Rob Cohen (Fast and the Furious, XXX, Stealth) movie! I'm in love with the trailer for The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor!

I have no clue how /Film got hold of it but YOU HAVE TO GO AND SEE THE TRAILER RIGHT NOW! You know my mind says this should look terrible and I know it will be but man if some of those beautiful and iconic shots of undead warriors, statues, Jet Li looking as evil as he has looked in years and just the warmth and character that Brendan Fraser oozes on screen doesn't win you over. And yes, Maria Bello (she totally butches her main line) sucks and the character she plays should have been written out once Rachel Weisz decided not to return but I can live with that small problem if the flick lives up to this trailer. Call me crazy, call me nuts but the trailer has won me over. And at least they have done something different. It feels fresh, a new direction... not the same old same old with the same Mummy stinking up the place again. Come on...admit it, you expected a WHOLE lot worse. Bring it on. Yes I've said terrible things about the movie for the last 18 months but it's now that truly counts and it wins my blessing from the post that really counts up to now. Next time they need to succeed is with my full review! The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor opens August 1st (U.S.) and August 7th (U.K.) and is on my must see list!

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