The Mystery Issue of Wired

zz4f6998b9 I've spoken before on the importance of mystery in film and why it's so vital for Hollywood screenwriters to only ever give us just the right amount of information we need to figure out a story on our own, because usually our own imaginations are so much more satisfying than the ones Hollywood give us. Which is why time and time again I point to the failures of any movie prequel that reveals too much about something that was unknown to us in the past, because it will just simply never live up to the scenario in our head. Obviously it's easy to point out the Star Wars prequels and I dearly hope the new Star Trek doesn't do the same, ironically directed by J.J. Abrams who in the past I've lauded because of his ability to keep mystery as being important. And often, maybe too important in some episodes of Lost. Anyway, previously we posted his great lecture about the "mystery box" his grandfather gave him when he was young and now it looks like he has written something similar in print format for the special mystery issue of Wired Magazine. Which I would say is a must read.
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