The Nice Guys: Gosling And Crowe Head Up The New Lethal Weapon

Shane Black's next buddy movie shares its period setting in teaser poster.

Iron Man 3 director Shane Black is returning next year with a new take on his favourite genre - the darkly-comic buddy comedy, tinged with a dollop of noir - and we have the teaser poster for it, which tells us an awful lot about the film's tone. The Nice Guys is set in 1970s LA and features Russell Crowe as "world weary" muscle-for-hire Jackson Healy and Ryan Gosling as "down on his luck" private eye Holland March (honestly, I don't think anyone has ever heard of a lucky private eye). Considering this is the man responsible for action classic Lethal Weapon and cult favourite Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, I'd say The Nice Guys has a fair shake at being one of next year's best films. It's definitely already cracked my 'Most Anticipated' list, that's for damn sure. Check out the poster and synopsis below.

"In 1970s Los Angeles a down on his luck private eye Holland March (Gosling) and world weary muscle-for-hire Jackson Healy (Crowe) have nothing in common until they're plunged into a life-or-death mystery when the missing persons case they're both following makes them the target of trained killers."
If Shane Black brings an ounce of the humour that he brought to the extremely underrated Iron Man 3 - a film which proved that the man still has a knack for the business after almost 30 years - then we're in for a real treat here. What many people overlook about Iron Man 3 isn't the fact it was a buddy picture (it's easy to look at it as a Tony/Rhodey version of Lethal Weapon), but that there was so much emphasis on its humour. Everybody got so caught up in their anger at being duped by Ben Kingsley that they forgot to appreciate the film for what it really was; 2013's best action comedy. It's great to have Shane Black back in action and the cast he's assembled this time - which includes Kim Basinger, reuniting with Crowe, her one-time LA Confidential co-star - looks sure to impress.
The Nice Guys is released in the US on 20th May and in the UK on 3rd June 2016.

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