The Night Watchman gets a new title & a House!

hugh.jpgThat L.A.P.D. movie starring Forest Whitaker, Keanu Reeves and Chris Evans which before today we all knew as The Night Watchman, has gone through a name change and will now be known as Night Watch. Fox Searchlight and New Regency obviously aren't worried about the name clash and potential audience confusion with the Russian epic fantasy series Night Watch. More news on this project, and House actor Hugh Laurie is the latest name to be added to the David Ayer directed cast with filming set to begin next month. Laurie will be playing an internal affairs officer, along with Evans whilst Reeves plays a cop who becomes an alcoholic and depressed drunk after his wife's murder, and who is then accused of murdering her by his former cop mentor Forest Whitaker. Ayer previously directed Harsh Times, which hopefully I will get chance to watch sometime this week.
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