THE ODYSSEY IN SPACE... with Brad Pitt & George Miller

Brad Pitt and Warner Bros, who turned Homer's epic poem The Iliad into the 2004 Summer tentpole TROY... are to team together again to work on the Greek's other famous poem THE ODYSSEY with George Miller expected to direct. Though surprisingly, it won't be a direct sequel to the near $500 million worldwide hit. Instead it will be set in outer space, according to Variety. The classic story follows the character of Odysseus, who hatched the idea to build the Trojan Horse. "The Odyssey" deals with his long journey home after he declines to become a god. One of the more surprising studio decisions in recent years was for WB not to go ahead with a TROY sequel featuring Sean Bean (who played Odysseus), who was clearly positioned in that movie to setup for bigger things and future films. That movie could have also placed Bean into being a Summer action star and things might not have gotten so bad for him that he had to star in a remake of THE HITCHER. Though after TROY'S so-so critical and fan reaction and WB lack of faith in Bean as a summer tentpole lead, it never happened. One wonders how closely to the themes of The Odyssey this space adventure will take. Pitt is one week into filming INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS for Tarantino whilst Miller has become free after JUSTICE LEAGUE was dropped at WB.

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