The One Classic Comic Feature Nightwing's Director Is Promising

Chris McKay hints he's sticking close to the comics.

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Right now, nobody can be particularly confident of knowing which of the rumoured slate of upcoming DC movies will even be happening. After Justice League proved to be another DCEU disappointment and Warner Bros brought in a new boss, it's fully expected that there will be significant changes to the line-up that was suggested to be incoming before the ensemble's release.

Some of the many DC films Warner Bros were said to be making will inevitably find themselves cancelled as the studio changes its approach to the expanded universe, but hopefully they'll have the confidence to make some of the braver choices.

We're likely to see sequels for Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad, which is a bit of a mixed bag, but far more welcome than the latter would be the Nightwing movie being developed by director Chris McKay.


So far, there's very little information on the stand-alone and no casting news to speak of, but McKay has still been talking about the film on social media, so that might indicate that we're actually going to get to see it. And the latest element of the film he's talked about on Twitter is the controversial issue of Nightwing's eyemask.

Asked by a fan to bring the classic white eye lenses to the film, McKay seemed to suggest that that's exactly what he plans...


That's excellent news and it wouldn't be unprecedented, since Zack Snyder went with the same glowing white lenses for Batman's heavy armour in Batman v Superman. And they did look cool.


Let's hope that's an indication that McKay plans to stick close to the comics.

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