The One Secret You Never Noticed In The Matrix

You were too distracted by the girl in the red dress to notice...

The Matrix Red Dress
Warner Bros.

The concept behind The Matrix movie has stretched beyond the cramped, boxy cage of the screen and into the minds of viewers across the globe. Because, well… we could be in it, couldn’t we?

A concept so inspiring and unanswerable leaves endless debates, late afternoon daydreams, and fuverent analyses in its wake, and luckily for all of us, the Wachowski’s work is one that supports such obsessive analysis.

The first Matrix is damn close to a masterpiece, one that’s aged surprisingly well against the current blockbuster formula of superhero + light hearted comedy = serious dollar for Mickey Mouse. It managed to be serious without being depressing or bleak, and engaging without being quippy or goofy.

A big part of that intrigue comes from the obsessive attention to detail the filmmakers poured in, as well as their purposeful attempts to throw audiences for a loop if they ever did take the time to analyse the film frame by frame. And were to do so, they’d find that each frame serves more narrative function than we had ever anticipated.

Let’s take a look at one such instance in this famous scene... and no, it's not the women in the red dress...

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