The One Thing You Never Noticed In Liar Liar

Two Jim Carreys?!

Liar Liar Jim Carrey
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While few would argue that The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind aren't Jim Carrey's best work, there's a pretty compelling case for Liar Liar being the funnyman's best comedy film. It's the peak marriage of his gawky, everyman charisma, his rubber-faced buffoonery and his ability to capture genuine heart. And crucially, it's the right amount of restrained to make that recipe cook properly.

Chances are, you've seen it more than once. Thanks to heavy syndication for a while there, you may have even seen it a number of times. You'll remember the mugging, the prat falls and that the GOD DAMN PEN IS BLUE... and you'll probably remember how wonderfully funny the outtakes over the credits were.

But there's something you might well have missed in there too.


Obviously, you know Jim Carrey's role in the film. He plays Fletcher Reede, the prodigiously "gifted" lawyer who is basically unbeatable thanks to his ability to stretch the truth to breaking point in defence of his clients. He's a professional liar, in the words of his emotionally neglected son, and a bit of a sh*tbag, just generally speaking.

But what about the second role he plays in the film?


Now you might be confused, because there's no obvious Eddie Murphy-like character who is obviously Carrey in prosthetics and there's no special appearance by Tony Clifton. But he's definitely in there a second time as a nod to a former character creation that Carrey used to play on comedy sketch show In Living Color.

During the airport-based finale, after Reede stages a daring attempt to ignore all security protocols and ground a plane already in motion, Carrey pops up in the background of a crowd scene as Fire Marshal Bill. The toothy goofball was one of Carrey's most famous characters and once you see him beaming in the background, walkie-talkie in hand, it's impossible not to spot him.


But without pointing him out, the cameo is ridiculously subtle and very easy to miss. Kudos to him for pulling off the self-indulgent little gag.

So, were you watching closely?

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