The Predator: 14 Easter Eggs & References Explained

AvP just became canon again.

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The Predator sure is earning mixed responses from both fans and critics alike - that's if we're being kind here, really - and rightly so. It's an extremely messy, often illogical film that falls far short of what most fans were expecting from a Shane Black-helmed Predator movie.

Black does nevertheless bring a clear love for the property to the table, and though that only sometimes shines through, it's hard to argue with the sheer array of nods, references and Easter eggs he's included to both the original John McTiernan classic and the wider Predator universe as a whole.

Elsewhere he's also tipped his hat to beloved pop-culture staples, included some incredibly sneaky visual gags you'll need an eagle-eye to catch, and even shoved some deliciously dark plot foreshadowing in there.

The Predator may not be a good movie, but there are certainly some fun hidden secrets for fans to catch, so pat yourself on the back if you caught wind of this lot...


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