The Predator: 18 WTF Moments

It's silly, but hell, at least it knows it!

The Predator WTF

The Predator is here and boy-oh-boy does it leave a mark! Shane Black's nostalgic, revivalist sequel is an exercise in entertainment and joyful self-awareness. Having said that, there are some serious problems with the script and some of the film's delight in being silly is a little much.

If you like Fast & Furious movies, the mythology of the Predator as a character, blood and outrageousness, it's the one for you. And crucially, it's the kind of self-consciously weird, ridiculous film that aims to leave your jaw hanging wide and inevitably, the WTF Moments are strong in this one...


18. Wait... Isn't This Supposed To Be A Good Guy?

Ultimate Predator
20th Century Fox

If you watch The Predator a second time or even have any sort of memory for what happens in the last two-thirds of the film (neither of which Fox think any of us will, it seems), the opening sequence makes absolutely no sense.

So, it opens with the alien ship crash-landing and the Predator killing McKenna's black ops team seemingly without prejudice before its captured and ends up being a test subject. Naturally, it wakes up and kills pretty much everyone it comes into contact with, which you'd expect from a Predator.

But then, this ISN'T a normal Predator is it? It's a human ally coming to Earth to help them defend themselves and stop global warming. So why the hell is it just killing as many humans as possible for fun? Doesn't that defeat the object of saving them?!


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