The Predator: 8 Ridiculous Plot Holes That Make No Sense

He's not the Messiah...

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The Predator is finally in cinemas now, and if you've seen it for yourself already, you'll know just how scarcely Shane Black's film has a handle on the most basic semblance of narrative logic.

Regardless of whether you enjoyed The Predator or not it's painfully obvious that it really is a quintessential "switch your brain off" film. In other words, if you examine the narrative and the characters in even the most basic detail, large chunks of the movie start to fall apart and make little sense.

It's a Predator movie so it doesn't have to be the most logical thing you'll see this year, but it's shocking just how incoherent and poorly thought-out Black's movie ultimately is.

8. How Did Quinn's Package Arrive So Fast?

The Predator Jacob Tremblay

The first logic-obliterating plot hole arrives early on in the movie, after Quinn (Boyd Holbrook) mails some Predator tech from Mexico to a P.O. box in the United States. Because Quinn didn't keep up his payments, however, it ends up being shipped to the home of his son Rory (Jacob Tremblay) and ex-wife Emily (Yvonne Strahovski).

That's all well and good, except it makes no sense at all that Quinn sends the package from nowhere-Mexico, it passes through customs, arrives at the P.O. box and gets redirected to his ex's house all before he arrives back in the U.S. There's Priority Mail and then there's lazy writing.

It's even weirder as this apparently all happens before McKenna has to take a dump, which would've presumably relieved the Predator cloak tech he swallowed.

The other possibility, that he crapped it out numerous times and just kept re-swallowing it until the plot required him to poo it out one last time, is too hilarious and horrifying to seriously consider.

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