The Predator: Ranking All Of The Alternate Endings

All of the ways the galaxy's ugliest motherf***er could have gone down.

The Predator Ripley
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After years of waiting and anticipation, the latest installment in the Predator franchise, Shane Black's The Predator, finally hit theaters last year. Sadly, it wasn't exactly well-received by critics or fans, ultimately floundering at the box office.

With the chances of a direct sequel to the film now well and truly dead, more and more details and reports from behind-the-scenes have been surfacing over the last few months. These reports vary from mere rumors to legitimate posts from cast and crew members who worked on the actual film.

Through it all, one thing has become increasingly clear: The Predator had a lot of different possible endings.

Some were good, some were bad, and some seem practically unbelievable in every way. This is your guide to and ranking of all of the endings to Shane Black's The Predator, from the theatrical version to the still-unreleased alternates.

6. The Theatrical Ending

The Predator Ripley

Shane Black's The Predator got a bit unfairly dragged through the mud by fans and critics alike upon its theatrical release. Overall, it's a fun, cheesy throwback to the '80s action-fests that made Black and his co-writer Fred Dekker household names in the first place. It sports a great cast who are more than game to chew the scenery with some of Black's wittiest dialogue, some remarkable action sequences that see Black blending white-knuckled tension with wondrous humor, and quite honestly, it's just a good time at the movies.

Sure, there are aspects and moments that feel entirely misguided or cut to ribbons by various reshoots but overall, it's solid. Except for the theatrical cut's ending, that is.

Feeling painfully tacked on, the ending of the theatrical cut sees the protagonist all gathered around the pod which the rogue Predator had brought as a form of salvation for mankind. The pod goes a bit haywire as the cameras whirl around the room and the suspense builds to a fever pitch, just as Jacob Tremblay's Rory says it calls itself "the Predator Killer". That's when a robotic armpiece shoots out, Iron Manning into a full-body Predator-shaped suit of armor for the humans to wear.

Not only does this look flat-out terrible, it feels completely at odds with everything else the movie has set-up and done. It's an incredibly dull and boring concept, one that has been done to death before. A Predator sequel in which McKenna just suits up and guns down waves of Predators is exactly the opposite of what these films are all about.


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