The Predator Teaser Trailer Reactions: 3 Ups & 6 Downs

Prepare for disappointment.

The Predator

The long-awaited first teaser for Fox's upcoming The Predator is out now utterly underwhelming it is. While it'd be ridiculous to completely write the movie off on the basis of around 90 seconds of footage, it's probably smart to start lowering your expectations right now.

Even with revered writer-director Shane Black and a talented cast at the forefront, this teaser does not get the movie's marketing campaign off on the right foot at all.

It gives off the feeling that, with Fox apparently wanting Black to retool the Predator franchise into a big-budget tentpole series, it's going to veer away from its tonal roots and aim for a far broader target audience.

Whether or not this makes the movie a box office success, this teaser sets off huge alarm bells for long-time fans in particular. Fingers crossed the next trailer is a little more encouraging, because if not, this one's goose could be cooked long before it even hits screens on September 14...

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