The Predator Trailer 2: 9 Things You Might Have Missed

Every secret in the new trailer, exposed...

The Predator New Trailer

There's a new trailer out for Shane Black's upcoming new entry into the Predator franchise, aptly title The Predator, and it is magnificent.

After getting reactions ranging from 'meh' to 'lukewarm' for the first trailer they released, Fox has gone into overdrive trying to make sure that audiences know that this film is going to be something special. They released a new trailer (technically a TV spot) just a few weeks ago that was essentially just the first trailer recut and with a few new bits spliced in, including that killer final shot of the new big guy. But even that TV spot didn't get too much traction because it had the misfortune of releasing during the week in which about twenty (!) different new trailers for films were all released.

So now, with the air clear and the chance to actually make an impact, Fox is hitting fans with a whole new wave of The Predator marketing. There's a wonderfully insane new poster, some great new Shane Black tweets, and this beautiful new red band trailer.

So let's dive into all the big questions: callbacks to the original film, details about this film's plot, and whether or not this new trailer reveals a bit too much.

9. Stringing A Body Up

The Predator New Trailer

Early on in the trailer, the first interaction we see between the humans and the Predator is one of the soldiers stepping straight into one of the Predator's booby traps. The wire wraps around the soldier's ankle, hoisting him up into the trees. Within moments, the other soldiers find him hanging upside down, covered in blood.

Not only is this a fun nod to the way that Predators have always displayed their kills proudly, either by hanging the body in the trees or ripping the skull and spine out as a trophy (or both). But it also teases that maybe the Yautja have learned a bit more from their fallen comrade's encounter with a certain muscular Austrian than previously thought.

In the climax of the original Predator film, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch is only able to defeat the final Yautja through the use of booby traps and cunning. He rigs an entire section of the forest with traps to distract and disorient the Predator and ultimately is able to defeat it. Audiences have seen Predators use traps before, but never quite like this. Perhaps this generation of Yautja has learned from the mistakes of their elders and those who have defeated them.

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