The Predator Unveils A Bone-Chilling New Poster

This poster makes no bones about highlighting the Predator's motives.

Ultimate Predator

The Predator is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited films still to come this year. Shane Black's installment in the iconic film franchise will serve as both a sequel and a reboot, following on from what came before while setting up its own standalone story.

The cast and crew united at San Diego Comic-Con, where they discussed the big-screen return of Hollywood's most famous hunter. As the film has already debuted two trailers in the past few months, there weren't any new teasers released to the public during the panel. However, there was a terrifying new poster unveiled.

The Predator Poster Portrait
20th Century Fox

While the Predator is already a chilling sight to behold, this poster makes the movie icon all the more unnerving. The creature's face is constructed entirely of human skulls, while his signature dreads are made out of spines — a clear reference to the Predator's "finishing move" in which he extracts his victim's skull by ripping out their spine after his victory. Could this be the poster's way of telling us that we should be prepared for the alien to wage war on humanity itself?


During the panel, there were multiple scenes screened exclusively for the San Diego audience, which included the Predator vs. Predator battle teased in a previous trailer. Black also confirmed that the film would be bloody like earlier installments in the franchise.

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