The Predator: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

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The Predator

Whether you think this statement is reductive or not, The Predator is probably everything you'd expect it to be. It might not be one challenging for an Oscar (even when the much-maligned Popular Film category was a thing it would have struggled) but it's a rip-roaring experience that has an agenda to entertain. And it absolutely manages to do that.

Sure, it's a little silly and the writing is just plain weird at times, but it's got a certain type of roguish charm and it fundamentally knows what it is. Fans of the franchise should be delighted, and even better, it seems there's a sequel coming (provided it makes money) that could see even more of the same sanctioned ridiculousness.

But what does the ending of The Predator mean and how does it set up a potential sequel? Obviously, there are serious spoilers in the coming post. So wait until you've seen it to read on...

And you can read our full review of the film here.

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