The Rock: Every Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

From WWE hopeful to franchise mega-star.

Paramount Pictures

With The Rock's (or rather, Dwayne Johnson's) upcoming Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle scoring surprisingly positive reviews so far, the former WWE star's stature as one of the most popular and bankable actors working in Hollywood right now is likely to remain very much in tact.

Johnson has come a long way since he began acting in movies back in 2001, being the highest-paid actor in 2016 and claiming the #2 spot this year, finally ending the jinx of popular wrestlers struggling to "make it" in the film industry.

The Rock has appeared in 35 movies since he started out, from undeniably terrible critical duds to much-loved box office behemoths, with some sneaky cameo roles scattered in-between. Impressively, though, Johnson rarely acts like he's phoning things in, and even in his lesser films, he generally fully commits himself to the part and doesn't disgrace himself.

With around a dozen projects in some stage of development right now, it's safe to say that his output isn't slowing down anytime soon. So, spanning his entire career so far, what are the movies that best explain how he's got to the top of the pay ladder?


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