The Shawshank Redemption meets Superheroes!

green_arrow.jpgAs we already know, David Goyer had been working on bringing the DC Comics Superhero The Flash to the big screen for Warner Brothers but after that fell through earlier this year.... he told us that he had a big project up his sleeve. This would seem to be it.... Wizard Universe are reporting that Goyer is setting up a project on the DC superhero Green Arrow with Warner Brothers, which will have quite a different spin on the character from what comic book fans are use to. Of course it was this different spin, that led to the problems with Warners over The Flash in the first place. The movie titled Super Max, revolves around a wrongly convicted Green Arrow, who is sent to a super max prison full of both DC comics heroes and villains. Whilst there, he has to confront some of the evil villains, most he captured and sent there himself. Sounds really, really cool. It's The Shawshank Redemption meets Superheroe's!! I'm not sure how fond I am of the title though. Super Max sounds very campy, like a kid's Saturday morning cartoon.... you know like Super Ted. More from Goyer...
€œHe€™s Green Arrow for the first 10 minutes of the movie, and then he€™s arrested and his secret identity is revealed....They shave his goatee and they take his costume and send him to prison for life, and he has to escape. It€™s like €˜Alcatraz,€™ and he has to team up with, in some cases, some of the very same villains he is responsible for incarcerating in order to get out and clear his name".
Goyer says he plans to fill the prison with obscure B and C level superheroes from the DC Universe, that would probably never see the light of day in any other DC movie project... and he is quick to point out that this is not just a Green Arrow picture. Sounds freaking awesome if you ask me. My only worry would be with so many superhero characters in this prison, if they are all in full costume it may just look a little too goofy, but then again the way X-Men do their costumes is a bit boring, so who knows what they will go with. source - wizard universe, coming soon
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