The Single Biggest Mistake Each Fast & Furious Film Has Made

9. 2 Fast 2 Furious - The Howlingly Awful CGI

Thor: Love and Thunder

The second instalment of the series, in which Paul Walker was the only lead cast member that actually returned, is actually quite fun. It's kept watchable by its light tone, solid action and the entertaining double-act of Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson, but it's still one of the lower-tier movies in the franchise.

The forgettable script and by-the-numbers plot don't help, but the biggest issue has got to be the absolutely risible CGI on the car chases.

The dreadful special effects often make the film look like a PS1 video game and during the car chases it's often embarrassingly clear that the cars are actually static and have just been put in front of a screen. You'd expect such bad forward projection from the 1960s, but this film came out in 2003!

Speaking of that, this movie might be entertaining but it has aged absolutely horribly since the whole thing feels so early 2000s in every single way, and these ghastly special effects don't help either.


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