The Single Greatest Thing In Each James Bond Movie

4. Quantum Of Solace - The Poignant Tone

No Time to Die Daniel Craig
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Thanks to the Writers Strike, Quantum of Solace underwent an incredibly messy production and it definitely shows in the final film, which feels it should've been half an hour longer than its rather brief run-time of around 90 minutes.

Still, unlike certain other movies with a troubled production (Morbius, anyone?), Quantum of Solace emerged from production hell rather nicely, and it's an impressively solid film given the circumstances.

Most notably, even though the script is quite a mess, the film does actually have quite a soulful, emotional tone, and many scenes throughout the film - in particular, Rene Mathis' (Giancarlo Giannini) death and the film's closing scenes - are genuinely well-written and moving. The film also does a great job in resolving the Vesper Lynd story and provides an ending which allows Bond to finally, to an extent, move on from her death.

As such, Quantum is honestly one of the most emotional, affecting installments of the series and that is one of the many things that makes it so underrated.

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