The Suicide Squad Cast Reveal - Predicting EVERY Character

Predicting who'll be among Task Force X's newest recruits...

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In a little under 2 years time, we're going to get a firm answer on whether James Gunn's upcoming second instalment in the Suicide Squad movie franchise is actually a sequel or if it's the strange blend of reboot and follow-up.

What we know so far is that the cast is split between some returning actors from David Ayer's 2016 DCEU and a whole new catalogue of other actors, some of whom had leaked previously. Now that we've had confirmation from Gunn himself on who he's got to play with, we can start to look at who exactly from the Suicide Squad's rich history on the comics pages we can expect to see in the movie.

If you're a gambler, maybe start thinking about putting some money on a Suicide Squad living up to its name and being killed off inside the first act (or at least being decimated or partly kidnapped, or something like that). The cast is so big and Gunn did announce it with that loaded "don't get too attached" mantra that it sounds like it makes almost too much sense.

24. Michael Rooker - King Shark

King Shark
DC Comics

Let's start with a big one. Literally.

There have been some rumours that Steve Agee - who appeared in Guardians Of The Galaxy as Ravager Gef - is playing King Shark, but let's all be quite honest here, he doesn't fit. Listen to the stand-up comedian talk and he's far from right for the Shark role. And James Gunn has said some casting "confirmations" by major outlets HAVE been wrong already.

More likely is the older rumour that Michael Rooker would be playing the iconic hulking character. He initially denied the report of his casting - proving that Yondu doth protest too much - but he's got the kind of gruff voice that would suit him down to the ground.

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