The Suicide Squad: Ranking Every Death From Worst To Best

Don't get too attached.

The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn
Warner Bros.

DC and Warner Bros. have had a rough time of trying to build a shared universe ever since Man of Steel released in 2013. However, from the ashes of arguably the worst outing from the DCEU comes one of the most exciting and refreshing in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

Gunn truly made a name for himself in both the mainstream and superhero worlds when he took the Guardians of the Galaxy, a relatively obscure team from the comics, and turned them into household names. This was obviously the plan with the Suicide Squad, only his DC debut always promised to be more deadly.

There were a whole host of characters chosen by Gunn to be in his version of the team, but telling audiences not to get too attached all but confirmed that many of them wouldn’t see the end of the movie. No one, however, could have imagined exactly how, and to what degree this would happen.

Only a small handful of the team survived the movie, with two of these only being confirmed as alive in post-credit scenes, which adds up to a lot of death for just one movie. Some of these however, had more meaning, were more shocking, or more unexpected than others.

Rick Flag took offence at being called the Suicide Squad, but it’s hard to argue with a name so apt.

8. TDK

The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn
Warner Bros.

Nathan Fillion’s character was very reluctant to reveal the words behind the initials that made up his name, and it’s understandable why. The Detachable Kid doesn’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of anyone, and his power wasn’t much better.

As the battle began on the beach of Corto Maltese, TDK showed how he came by his name, sending his arms forth to fight separate from his body.

However, all he achieved was slapping and slightly inconveniencing the army in front of him, and he didn’t even take cover while doing it, which begs the question, why even detach his arms at all?

He ended up being absolutely riddled by bullets in a barrage that would likely have killed anyone (except maybe Nanaue), however his death was never actually confirmed. The last thing said about him was that he was in critical condition.

Despite this, there is surely no way TDK actually survived. If he did, wouldn’t Weasel have found him when he inexplicably woke up despite being confirmed as killed at the very start of the movie?


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