The Terminator Movie Franchise Quiz You'll Never Get 100% On

Prove your mettle, and show you know your Judgement Day from your Dark Fate.

The Terminator
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Starting way back in 1984, The Terminator was the little independent movie that successfully launched three things. It catapulted James Cameron into bigger director projects, it launched Arnold Schwarzenegger into the movie mainstream, and it started one of the most loved and successful science fiction franchises ever.

There are movies, comics, video games, toy lines, clothing, and the list goes on for this business making behemoth of intellectual property.

Despite this however, the movie franchise has been wildly inconsistent in terms of quality. With six movies in the bag so far, a number of different directors, writers, and actors, have tried to further the story and success of this unlikely series, with varied results.

The product has arguably been diluted with each passing instalment in the franchise. The timelines getting crisscrossed, and narratives becoming convoluted before an ultimate reboot of sorts with the surprisingly entertaining Terminator: Dark Fate.

So, if you've managed to stick with the series so far, how well do you remember each movie? Can you correctly identify every model of Terminator? Do you know when Judgement Day was supposed to happen? If so, put your knowledge to the test and prove you're smarter than Skynet.

1. What Model Of Terminator Is Arnold Schwarzenegger In The Terminator?


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