The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Confirmed For Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2021

Leatherface joins the Bride of Frankenstein at HHN30.

Universal Parks have unveiled two new houses coming to this year's Halloween Horror Nights.

The legendary 70s horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be making a big return to the event with a tantalising new maze. Leatherface will once again terrorise guests as they make their way through the house. Join the chainsaw slasher in some of the most iconic scenes from the 1974 horror including the gas station and the family's farmhouse. The big question is, will you make it out alive or will you fall victim to Leatherface?


This isn't the first time guests have been able to experience a brand new maze based on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Sawyer family had their own maze at HHN26 and we're super excited for this follow-up!

Leatherface isn't the only one returning; Universal have announced that The Bride of Frankenstein will also be back at HHN30.


The Bride of Frankenstein Lives will take you into the world of Universal Monsters. Set after the 1935 "Bride of Frankenstein" movie, we see The Bride's "unwavering quest to find eternal life" that will "come at a cost". Guests need to be careful as they find themselves in the middle of The Bride of Frankenstein as she tries to capture and drain the Brides of Dracula to use to reanimate The Monster.


The Bride of Frankenstein Lives maze made an appearance at last year's small event at Universal Studios Florida which took place during regular park hours.

Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 2021 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Universal Orlando Resort

Both The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Bride of Frankenstein Lives will be appearing at both Universal Orlando Resorts and Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights events.

With Beetlejuice and The Haunting of Hill House also part of the line up, this year's Halloween Horror Nights is set to be a "terrifyingly" good event.

Dates for the event run from the 3rd September in Orlando and 9th September in Hollywood. Both events will take place on select nights up until 31st October.

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