The Thing: Guess Who Quiz

You may think you know a lot about The Thing, but are you willing to put that to the (blood) test?

The Thing Copper

John Carpenter's 1982 claustrophobic classic The Thing has turned its once abysmal reception into one fitting of its place as one of the most revered and influential horror movies ever made.

Balancing grotesque body horror and more subdued feelings of paranoia and isolation, The Thing creates a unique atmosphere filled with unsettling imagery and implications, slowly raising the level of distrust not only among the characters but also the audience as well. Each action taken by the cast plunges us further into a state of chaos and makes us more anxious as to what will happen next.

That said, how well have you paid attention to the film? With every action so important--each movement so meticulous--how much can you remember about the characters and what they did? It's time to put it to the test. Here is The Thing: Guess Who Quiz!

1. Who Throws The Flare To Ignite Bennings?


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