The TOUGHEST Dark Knight Trilogy Quiz On The Internet

How well do you remember Christopher Nolan's iconic Batman trilogy?

The Dark Knight The Joker Heath Ledger
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After the failure of 1997's Batman and Robin the future of films starring DC Comics' Caped Crusader looked to be pretty bleak. That was until Christopher Nolan came along to resurrect the franchise with a more grounded and dark tone in 2005's Batman Begins.

While The Dark Knight Trilogy drew influence from iconic stories like Batman: Year One, Knightfall and The Long Halloween, the films would massively tone down a lot of the fantastical elements from the comics, instead focusing on how Batman would work in a more realistic world.

This approach would prove to be massively popular, with all three films in the series performing well both critically and commercially. The series has also been praised by many as featuring some of the best comic book films ever made, especially the second film, The Dark Knight.

But for as iconic as these films have become, just how well do you remember them? How many people did Harvey Dent attempt to arrest? And what did Selina Kyle steal from Bruce Wayne? If you think you know the answers, take this quiz and find out!

1. Which Punk Star Did Heath Ledger Base The Joker's Look On?


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