The True Story Of The Conjuring: What Really Happened?

Was James Wan's masterpiece true to life?

Warner Bros.

Since its release in 2013, The Conjuring has become one of the most popular horror movies of this century. Not only did it spawn a well-received sequel, but it started another cinematic universe for Warner Bros. with two Annabelle spin-offs, the upcoming The Nun, and the planned Crooked Man.

But how much of The Conjuring’s spine-chilling terror was faithful and honest to the true story it was based on? Well, despite making audiences wet themselves with unforgettable and implausible frights like ghosts playing with children’s feet, girls being thrown about like ragdolls, and an old hag pouncing off wardrobes, the real Lorraine Warren insists that many of the film's harrowing moments genuinely occurred.

However, while the real Lorraine is adamant that the film was more reality than fiction, there are a few inconsistences that – astonishingly – makes the truth more disturbing than Hollywood’s masterful recreation.

So, what really happened?


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