The Turning Review: 3 Ups & 5 Downs

1. The Ending

the turning
Universal Pictures

The whole film is a mind-numbingly dull and drawn out build-up to, well, nothing at all. The concluding act of The Turning is unforgivable, and feels like a massive "screw you" to the audience and the source material. It ends so abruptly and awkwardly that it will leave you staring at the screen for a moment in totally bafflement. And of course, the closing credits roll out to more inappropriate rock music. Oh, joy.

In general, The Turning feels like significant plot points and entire scenes have been forgotten about without anyone noticing, or like the filmmakers ran out of time and tacked on some incoherent rubbish as an excuse for a resolution. It's true that a story doesn't necessarily have to be neatly tied together in a bow, but this goes far beyond unanswered questions. Some degree of closure is necessary. What we are given is nothing short of an insult.

For the abundance of waffling nothingness that this film offers, it feels a hell of a lot longer than it should. The ending is certainly no reward for enduring the tedious build-up.

Now for the ups...


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