The Ultimate Harry Potter Character Quiz!

How well do you know the witches and wizards of Hogwarts?

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The world of Harry Potter is full of weird and wonderful characters. Seven books, ten films (including Fantastic Beasts) and a stage play allowed J.K. Rowling to create and develop some of the best known heroes and villains in the world.

While many are household names, even to the point where non-fans know who they are, there are still plenty of lesser known characters that only true Harry Potter fans can identify. From Fred Weasley to Victor Krum, the diverse range of personalities is what made the franchise so engaging. Everyone had their favourite witch, wizard or house elf.

This quiz will test your Harry Potter character knowledge. Can you tell Crabbe from Goyle? Do you know who played where in the Gryffindor Quidditch team?

Whether you're fresh from a Harry Potter movie marathon, or you haven't read a Potter book since you were a child, rack your brain and find all that wizarding trivia you've built up and see whether you can get 100%!

1. What Are Crabbe And Goyle's First Names?


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