The Ultimate Indiana Jones Quiz: How Well Do You Know Dr. Jones?

Will you find fortune and glory in this quiz or will you crash like Lao Che's plane?

Indiana Jones Temple of Doom
Paramount Pictures

Despite hesitation from George Lucas, the moment Harrison Ford first stepped out of the darkness, equipped with bullwhip, fedora and a scowl that could cut glass, Indiana Jones became a cultural icon.

It's almost hard to believe Lucas' reluctance not to cast Ford on Spielberg's suggestion, not wanting him to become 'Lucas' actor' akin to Scorsese and De Niro. Yet despite other actors since playing the morally questionable archaeologist, most notably River Phoenix and Sean Patrick Flanery in Indy's younger years, Ford's Jones has become unparalleled and remains one of Hollywood's best modern action stars.

Despite some criticism aimed at Temple of Doom, watching Lucas and Spielberg's three love letters to both James Bond and classic Westerns is simply a joy. Even the divisive Crystal Skull had some moments that the most diehard Indy lovers adored, such as his reunion with original love interest Marion, and while Indiana Jones as a franchise has dramatically changed, going from quirky action to nigh-on horror to slapstick comedy to whatever Crystal Skull was, it has always had a constant: the professor himself.

Indy keeps fans coming back and with another release on the way, there's no better time to test your knowledge on the swashbuckling, whip-wielding Dr. Jones. Good luck, kid...

1. What Is Indy's Middle Name?


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