The Ultimate True Or False Starship Troopers Quiz

I only have one rule: everyone quizzes, no-one quits. Are you a true Roughneck?

Starship Troopers
TriStar Pictures

In the late 90s, Robocop director Paul Verhoeven once again took a swing at satire in a major motion picture. This time, his target was nationalism and the propaganda of war, with the cult classic Starship Troopers. Following the escapades of Johnny Rico as he moves his way through the Mobile Infantry, AKA the cannon fodder, against the calculated and viscious Arachnid Bugs.

Whilst Verhoeven brought the action and drama present in the original 50s novel, which oozed nationalism and military pride, the biting satire, superb ensemble cast and relationship between Rico and former friend turned lover Dizzy ensured Starship Troopers built a fanbase more dedicated than Rasczak's Roughnecks.

If you consider yourself one of these Roughnecks, why not put it to the test? This quiz, 15 true or false questions, is harder than any landing on Klendathu or waiting for outpost extraction on Planet P. So will you prove yourself smarter than the Brain Bugs or will you fall like so many Mobile Infantry before you?

Answers are at the very end! Good luck soldier...

1. True Or False: Director Paul Verhoeven Was A Huge Fan Of The Book Growing Up


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