The World's End Review: 10 Insane Things You Won't Believe

The World's End

The World's End, the third and final chapter in Edgar Wright's famed Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, also comprised of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, finally hits UK cinemas this Friday, and boy, what a wild ride it is. Though darker and in many ways more cavalier than either of its predecessors, the third time is most certainly an ambitious, uproarious, insane, bromantic charm. Needless to say, if you enjoyed their prior outings, you're likely going to get a kick out of this one too, even as it dares to venture into darker territory that's far away from the lightweight jaunt the trailers marketed it as. Indeed, The World's End is an insane, consistently surprising movie, one that continually one-ups itself in glorious fashion, and so it's time for us to examine the 10 most insane things about it, but be warned, if you want to go in blind, knowing NOTHING about the movie, then stop reading immediately...

10. Simon Pegg's Real Surname

Nick Frost's character, Andy, works for a highfalutin London law film called Beckingham Davies Knightley LLB, which is a not-so-sly reference to Simon Pegg's own real surname, Beckingham. One must assume Pegg thought to alter the name to avoid an association with Buckingham; given that he plays schlubs and layabouts in these movies most of the time, it makes sense that he has an ordinary name that avoids associations with the Royals...

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