Them = School of Rock meets Hot Fuzz?

them.jpgSchool of Rock writer Mike White is said to be writing a movie script with Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright for an adaptation of Jon Ronson's book Them. The project is set to be Wright's next directorial gig. During an interview with Slash Film, White revealed that he may well work with Jack Black again for this movie....
€œThis thing with Edgar may very well involve Jack. Yeah, I would like to keep doing stuff with Jack, he€™s a good friend of mine....."It€™s early days, but I€™m sure if it happens, Jack will be involved."
What's this book Them all about then? White tells us more...
€œ...a conspiracy theory comedy horror movie. It€™s a little bit out of my wheel house and a little bit more in his (Edgar€™s) wheel house. €œ
Jack Black is absolutely perfect for a comedy horror movie, does anyone remember his cameo from I Still Know What You Did Last Summer? He almost stole the show with his drug induced Hawaiian shirt wearing drunk overweight guy..... easily the best thing in the movie. Grindhouse will give us our first taste of Edgar Wright outside of his friendship with Simon Pegg, as he has shot one of the fake trailers. This could be good for the director because certainly with the friends I know who see movies.... when they think of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, they think of Simon Pegg as the genius with Wright not getting much credit. It might be time for him to step out on his own. source - cinema blend, slash film

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