There Won't Be A Ghostbusters Sequel (But Spin-Offs Are Coming)

Expect an animated film before the end of the decade.

Ghostbusters 2 Cancelled
Sony Pictures

Even though Ghostbusters was a surprise in terms of quality (never has the word "fine" before more fitting), the positive reviews weren't enough to convince those sceptical about the reboot (the reasons for which I'm going to artfully skirt around here as I think we're all tired of talking about it) to check out the actual movie; the film currently sits on $180 million worldwide, which on a production budget of $145 million means it's going to fall far short of breaking even. THR has the loss at $70 million, enough to put it on the list of biggest box office bombs of all time (adjusted for inflation it's a similar loss to Rollerball).

In that THR article the implications of this are discussed, chiefly that it looks like the sequel, which was talked about excitedly in the week of release and was even teased in a post-credits scene, is looking highly unlikely.

If Ghostbros want to chalk this up as a massive victory, however, then maybe they should think again. Ghostbusters is one of Sony's biggest perceived brands (which is a bit like Apple still coasting on the original Macintosh, but whatever), with a new subsidiary Ghost Corps. made to build a massive universe, so no Ghostbusters II simply means they'll go in another direction. That looks to be animation, with a 2019 release date mooted. Excitingly, original director Ivan Reitman is overseeing the project, so expect something a bit more universally pleasing.


Although is that really the best direction? Personally, I'd say the best way to save the whole thing is to embrace the failure and Jump Street it. Sony are already reigniting Men In Black by teaming it up with the unexpected comedy hit, why not do it with GB too?

What do you want from the future of Ghostbusters? Should Reitman try and get the franchise back on track, or should Sony just let it lie? Have your say down in the comments.


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