Things look better in Russian now too? Bad-ass and violent WANTED trailer!

If only they could play this kind of material in our cinema's...

If we were living in Russia, the upcoming adaptation of Mark Millar's comic book Wanted starring James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman would be as hotly anticipated by geeks just as much as some of the other big films of the summer. Sadly we don't and it isn't. We are stuck with some uber lame trailers, whilst all the good stuff from the movie goes into foreign trailers that the MPAA would never pass.

How bad-ass does this movie look from this trailer? Yeah it still feels gimmicky to the 10th degree but it oddly kinda works. Maybe it's because of the dialogue being missing (well not missing but in a different language) and there's no doubt this Timbor Bekmambetov is one hell of a visual genius.


Finally McAvoy feels like he is leading the movie and not just observing it like a sidekick to a poor Angelina Jolie film. Less of the curvy bullets = more enjoyment from me.

I'm oddly finding myself looking forward to the movie now and all it took was a change of trailer.

Wanted opens June 27th worldwide. Still too many nods to The Matrix but let's hope it can stand on it's own.

source - aicn

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