THIS Iconic Star Wars Character Was Killed Off-Screen - Or So We Thought

Because they wouldn't kill off another fan favourite character off-screen, right?!


Regardless of whether you loved or loathed it, there’s no doubting that The Rise of Skywalker was most certainly a definitive endpoint for so much of the greater Star Wars saga. But for other some characters, this endpoint was a far more clinical one than it was for others.

By the time that J.J. Abrams’ most recent venture to a galaxy far, far away came to a close, the movie had amassed quite the body count. And one of those believed dead by the time all was said and done with The Rise of Skywalker was franchise favourite Nien Nunb.

As the film powered towards its conclusion, Emperor Palpatine’s electricity-laced rage laid waste to a whole slew of ships and vessels. To the upset of many a long-time Star Wars fan, one such ship was a Nien Nunb-piloted Tantive IV.


The death of this beloved Sullustan wasn’t actually seen on-screen, but the implication was clear that Nien Nunb was merely one of many who were collateral damage in the Emperor’s resurgence. Clearing up the matter, writer Rae Carson – who has penned the official The Rise of Skywalker novelisation – took to Twitter to confirm that, yes, Nien Nunb was indeed one of those killed off as part of Episode IX’s final act.


For those fearing that the Star Wars saga had nonchalantly killed off yet another cult favourite character – much like what happened to poor Admiral Ackbar in The Last Jedi – there is a ray of hope that Nien Nunb isn’t quite as dead as we were lead to believe.

Taking to Facebook, Nien Nunb actor Mike Quinn – who has played the character since he first appeared back in Return of the Jedi – is claiming a very different, less-dead fate for the character.


According to Quinn, Tantive IV is one of the ships to be seen making it back safe to the Resistance’s Ajan Kloss base in the wake of Palpatine being taken down once and for all.

There’s been no official word on the fate of Nien Nunb from Lucasfilm or Disney, so for now it’s down to you to make your own mind up on all of this. For us, we’re leaning towards the words of Mike Quinn and the fact that Nien’s Tantive IV made it back safe in time to join the Resistance’s celebrations post-Palpatine.

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