THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR 2 just got a whole lot more interesting!

Could Pierce Brosnan and Angelina Jolie go "Basic Instinct" style in the bedroom?

Exciting news on a sequel which I had previously I had no desire to see. The sequel to the 1999 hit movie The Thomas Crown Affair which will see the return of Pierce Brosnan and depending on scheduling Angelina Jolie, has found a director. PAUL VERHOEVEN The geek favourite who brought us Robocop, Basic Instinct, Total Recall and Starship Troopers before going a little mad and directing Hollow Man in 2000. After a break of six years, Verhoeven gave us Black Book, not only THE best film of his career but also one of the most exciting, shocking and engaging thrillers of the year. This will be the first time Verhoeven has ever directed a sequel in Hollywood, although ironically it isn't to one of his films. The movie is pre-strike and is titled The Topaki Affair... blending both elements of Eric Ambler's original novel and a 1954 classic MGM movie titled Topkapi which was based on the same material. I still think it would make a whole lot more sense if they called the film The Thomas Crown XXX, because that's the most memorable thing about the original movie's title and will let everyone know instantly that it's a sequel. The Topkapi Affair certainly doesn't imediately strike you as the same but well I'm not the expert in film marketing. Fingers crossed Angelina does end up in this. Can't wait to see how Verhoeven (one of the masters of shooting sexy ladies) will film her. They really couldn't have chosen a better director for this material!

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