Thomas Haden Chuch knows All About Steve

Sandra Bullock's upcoming romantic comedy movie All About Steve is a bit of disappointing move in her career from where I'm sitting. After giving the best performance of her career in Infamous, I felt she was ready know to go out and do some real dramatic stuff but alas she went back to her usual paycheck rom-com routine. The Hollywood Reporter says that Spider-Man 3 villain Thomas Haden Church has joined the cast of "Steve" which begins shooting this Summer under the direction of debut helmer Phil Traill for Fox 2000.

Written by Kim Barker, the story centers on a brilliant crossword constructor who, after one short date, decides that a CNN cameraman is her true love. Because the cameraman€™s job takes him hither and yon, she crisscrosses the country, turning up at media events as she tries to convince him they are perfect for each other. She fails in this objective but falls in with a band of misfits who appreciate her for who she is.
The hiring of Church is a nice bit of casting. His comedy turn in Sideways is the best thing he has done so far in his career and more of that is very welcome by me.


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