Thor 3: 10 Things We Expect To See

One word: Surtur.

This year, we've been treated to a feast of comic book movies. Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have already hit cinemas, while X-Men: Days of Future Past is just around the corner and Guardians of the Galaxy is coming in the summer. As we're smack-bang in the middle of this year's offerings, it seems like a great time to look further ahead at what might be coming. Thor - as played by Chris Hemsworth - has now appeared in three Marvel Cinematic Universe movies to date; Thor, The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World. He's proven to be a very popular character and is set to appear in at least a few more movies - namely the Avengers: Age of Ultron, a third Thor movie and a third Avengers movie. Last year's Thor: The Dark World surpassed the the first Thor movie in every sense - visually, plot-wise, in terms of action and the general ambition of the movie took it to another level - and it will be very interesting to see how the third instalment can further improve on what we've already seen (especially given the fact that the movies occurring in between the two - such as the aforementioned Avengers sequel - will up the ante yet again on the superhero movie front). The villains need to be more powerful, the action needs to improve yet again and the plots need to thicken - a tough task indeed, but it can be done. In this article, we're going to look at what the fans expect - even demand - in order for that to happen. Here are ten things we expect to see in the next Thor movie...

Honourable Mention: Beta Ray Bill

Okay, okay... this is more of a "hope" as opposed to an "expectation", but wouldn't it be cool to see Beta Ray Bill? Bill is a heroic Korbinite warrior who initially encountered Thor when S.H.I.E.L.D. sent the latter to investigate his ship as it travelled through Earth's solar system. Upon his arrival at the ship, Thor woke Bill from suspended animation and the two initially fought (to a draw). Bill then proved worthy of wielding Mjolnir and the two became allies, with Odin even granting Bill an Asgardian weapon of his own - Stormbreaker - a hammer with powers pretty much identical to Thor's own. It would be so great to see Bill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He's a great character and someone else worthy of wielding Mjolnir's power would be a great asset to the forces of good in this continuity. But it's a pipe-dream, so on to the main list we go (contains some Marvel Cinematic Universe spoilers)...

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