Thor: Love & Thunder - Is Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster ACTUALLY Returning?

Just how exactly did he make it out of Ragnarok's post-credits scene?

Grandmaster Thor Love and Thunder
Marvel Studios

Jeff Goldblum may not have been in attendance at Marvel Studios' Hall H panel last weekend, but it seems as though the actor will feature in Phase 4 one way or another. Goldblum of course played the part of the Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok, and with director Taika Waititi returning to make a follow-up - Thor: Love and Thunder - fans would be wise to expect the return of some familiar faces; Goldblum's included.

Ragnarok ended with Sakaar's ruler negotiating himself out of a revolution, inspired in part by the Lord of Thunder (Thor), Valkyrie and Bruce Banner. The Grandmaster is a smooth customer, and while it certainly looked like he was in a perilous situation at the end of the film, there's a strong chance he managed to make it out with his premiership intact. After all, who could possibly want to depose a planet ruled by Goldblum? Sure, the melty sticks are an issue, but the Grandmaster seemed to have things working out okay for the most part.

(Ignoring - y'know - the whole 'enslaving cosmic travellers to be his gladiators' thing.)


Irrespective of public opinion on Sakaar, it seems as though Goldblum has confirmed the character will return in Love and Thunder. The film is slated to release November 5 2021, and though Grandmaster wasn't mentioned by name during the panel, Goldblum himself (or at least someone purporting to be the actor) has taken to Twitter to potentially confirm his involvement.


The Tweet reads, "Love & Thunder... 2021. Thanks Taika Waititi," with a caption on the official logo reveal that says "...And Not Forgetting The Grandmaster."

It's not official, and there's even doubt over whether Goldblum or one of his team actually runs the account. One can only hope it's not an imposter though, and that the Grandmaster will be back on the big screen in no time at all.



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