Thor: Love & Thunder Review - 5 Ups & 5 Downs

A disappointingly mediocre follow-up for Taika Waititi.

Thor Love and Thunder Jane Foster
Marvel Studios

The second of three Marvel Cinematic Universe movies due for release this year is out now in cinemas worldwide - the much-anticipated fourth Thor film, Thor: Love and Thunder.

After Taika Waititi brought a uniquely irreverent energy to the MCU with the terrifically entertaining Thor: Ragnarok, expectations were high that he'd deliver another round of witty, vibrant thrills this time.

And so, it's a shame to report that Thor: Love and Thunder is a wildly mixed bag of a movie.

Is it bad? Absolutely not, but the comic flair and energetic spark of Ragnarok only sometimes permeates throughout, resulting in a weirdly disengaging romp that doesn't leave that much of a lasting impression.

Though the story largely still does justice to its most compelling characters, as both a comedy adventure and more serious-minded character piece, it's a pretty uneven effort.

If you're still hoping for Ragnarok 2.0, it'd certainly be smart to lower your expectations before seeing the movie, because Love and Thunder just isn't that film, like, at all.

And so with that in mind, here's where Taika Waititi went wrong...


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