Thundercats movie is ANIMATED not LIVE ACTION

thundercats.jpgGood news then. I mean really, live action furry creatures acting like superheroes? It was never going to work was it? The LA Times are reporting that the Thundercats movie that was announced last week as a live-action flick was actually incorrect, as the movie will be completely animated. Thundercats has the potential of being a huge money making project for Warner Brothers, especially now it's been confirmed that it's going in this route although of course it still won't be able to generate the mass appeal of something like the Transformers which is easier to attract people who haven't seen the show with the big vehicles and explosions. So I guess we can thank those transforming robots for convincing studio's that the 80's toys and animated shows Thundercats and He-Man should be made into feature flicks. Question is... which one is going to get made first? source - cinematical
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