Tim Burton: 5 Awesome Movies & 5 That Sucked

3. Beetlejuice (1988)

Michael Keaton may have played Batman - and rather awesomely so - yet it€™s his outrageous performance as Beetlejuice for which most of us will always love him. As the title character it€™s perhaps a little surprising that he€™s not exactly the main focus of the film, which spends most of its time with a recently deceased couple played by Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis. In an attempt to try and scare away the new occupants of their abandoned home, they seek the help of Bio-Exorsist Betlegeuse who ends up causing new problems from the afterlife. Rumours are currently abound that Keaton may be reteaming with Burton to bring us Beetlejuice 2, after a gap of almost 26 years. While it€™s often been proved that modern sequels to €˜80s movies are a very bad idea, there€™s actually a lot of potential in the bizarre character and that could certainly make a sequel lots of fun. Whatever the future holds for Beetlejuice, the 1988 original is one of Burton€™s most unique films and remains one of his most entertaining.

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