Tim Story no longer a LOSER

When Tim Story, the man behind the FANTASTIC FOUR franchise isn€™t making Galactus a massive cloud or giving Ioan Gruffud a spectacularly lame dance sequence to perform he does like to make other films too. We can scratch one film off his list of potentials though. Story was attached to THE LOSERS a film based on Andy Diggle and Jock€™s comic book that centred on a black ops team left for dead by their government. According to post on Diggle€™s blog from a couple of weeks back, Story is no longer involved with the film.
€œ is now off The Losers. Having recently seen The Kingdom, I'm more convinced than ever that Peter Berg would have been the perfect man for the job, but his schedule is looking awfully busy these days...€ said Diggle.
He later updated with the following:
€œ€ they're homing in on a very cool new director for The Losers. Don't wanna jinx it, but keep yer fingers crossed and watch this space!€
I think Berg would be an excellent choice for this film and he is a producer on the project. However as Diggle mentions, Berg is heavily in demand right now. He€™d certainly be a more sensible choice than Tim Story or McG, who also circled the project for a time. Both those directors would be horrendously miscast on this type of movie. source €“
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