Tom Cruise wants to reprise TROPIC THUNDER'S Les Grossman

We may not have seen the last of foul mouthed film executive Les Grossman, the hideous but very humorous character Tom Cruise won a Golden Globe nomination this week for portraying in TROPIC THUNDER. Cruise has told E! that he and pal Ben Stiller are looking for a way to reprise the character.

€œI€™ve talked about doing different videos with the character,€ Cruise said. €œI€™ve started working with Ben on it, and we€™ve kind of talked about different things to do. We were gonna do some in our free time, but we haven€™t found the free time€yet.€
Online shorts I could do with but I'm not at all interested in seeing Tom Cruise take on this character for a full movie and drop himself to the depths of the Ben Stiller clang. One would hope he had bigger fish to fry. And yes, I know I've said he should do a comedy for his next movie to win himself back into the hearts of the public but I'm not sure Grossman is the character to do it. via - /film

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