Tom Hanks ditches ridiculous hairstyle for ANGELS & DEMONS!

The first look at the follow-up to the $758 million worldwide hit THE DA VINCI CODE has come through courtesy of USA Today, who show us that thankfully Tom Hanks has dropped that ridiculous hairstyle for ANGELS & DEMONS.

"It's totally different" from Hanks' slicked-back coif of the original, insists producer Brian Grazer. "It's better. Everything is more contemporary."
Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer is the female sidekick this time around. Producer Brian Grazer admits the failings of the last movie, agreeing that it moved at too slow a pace, something they have changed for the sequel by ramping up the action and cutting down on the Langdon speeches.


That's Ewan McGregor you can see at the bottom right of the image, a newcomer to the franchise playing Carlo Ventresca, a faithful servant to the church. Better look at him below...
"This is the hardest movie Ron (Howard) has ever shot," Grazer says. "Not only because of being exiled from the Vatican, but it's darker subject matter."
ANGELS & DEMONS will be released on May 15th in the U.K. and U.S.

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