Tom Hardy Is A Bad-Ass Hells Angels Type Biker At Warner Bros

Hardy will lead and produce the untitled outlaw biker thriller set in 1969 about California's most violent biker club.

Warner Bros. want to stay in the Tom Hardy game. The actor who bulked up to play the villainous Bane in this summer's hotly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises and who has Mad Max: Fury Road in the offing there, signed a first-look deal at the studio earlier this week and already a starring project is being developed. Variety say Hardy will lead and produce an untitled outlaw biker thriller set in 1969 about California's most violent biker club. No it won't be about the Hells Angels, but certainly a Hells Angels kind of thing that stems from an original idea from Sons of Anarchy producer John Linson which has been fleshed out into a full screenplay by Mark L. Smith (Vacancy, The Hole). Hardy would star as a Vietnem War vet who returns back to San Francisco at the height of American unrest to become leader of the biker club. This sounds like a modest project but a starring vehicle that will allow Hardy to play it large and is likely a film he can shoot quickly between more ambitious fare, such as the multi-part Al Capone biopic Cicero which is also brewing at Warner Bros from Harry Potter director David Yates. Next for Hardy who also has The Wettest County coming later this year which is hotly tipped as potential Oscar material is Mad Max: Fury Road that should keep him busy for the rest of the year.
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