Tom Welling to get the call-up for LIVE ACTION JLA movie?

Justice League of America movie will be live-action. IESB are now reporting that only certain scenes (which includes an underwater sequence, probably with Aquaman) will be shot using the motion capture technique found in The Polar Express whilst the whole movie itself will be done in live-action. Cue the hate for the live-action movie again! I'm now at the point where I'm somewhere in the middle on whether this movie should be made or not. It's certainly the right time in terms of the audience's hunger for such a movie but I still just wish we had a third Batman movie under our belt first. I dunno, it's a tough one because a JLA movie done right could be insanely awesome and a movie you dream about seeing when you read those damn comics and if the script is as good as WB would have us believe, then why wait until this craze is over? IESB's latest rumor is a casting one. This is actually something I was anticipating when I mentioned on Wednesday. The site are reporting that Smallville star Tom Welling has been approached for the role of Superman in this JLA movie, although the show's co-creator Al Gough is denying such claims. The problem I've always had with the casting of Welling as Superman and it was something I was talking about on the web when his name was being spread around for the role in Bryan Singer's movie is that audiences are so aware of him as Clark Kent from Smallville that the instant they see him in a trailer they think... oh it's Smallville the movie. Now I like Smallville and it's a pretty popular show but it's not that popular that it could survive on it's fans alone. I know a lot of people who hate Smallville for instance and they wouldn't tune into the movie if they thought it had anything to do with the show. At the moment this just seems like the convenient rumor. They need to fill the shoes of a new Superman, so the easy story to come up with is that the guy playing Superman on the T.V. show is in the mix for the part. So we play the waiting game once again. If IESB are right then of course casting is pretty imminent and even The LA Times confirms that Warner Brothers are itching to get the ball rolling on this so it can begin production in March, so I guess we shouldn't doubt this.

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