Tomorrow Never Dies: 007 Reasons Why It's The Best James Bond Yet

Banner Last December, the 007 franchise was given the greatest gift of all: the best James Bond movie ever! With Goldeneye, Pierce Brosnan burst onto the screen as the latest actor to play James Bond. In two short years, he came back with an even better, even bigger adventure with Tomorrow Never Dies. Brosnan's style is a mixture of Connery's manliness and Moore's rakish wit, which makes him the actor best suited for the role in our modern era, and if Moore's tenure is any indication, he'll be the one for quite a while. Don't take my word for it though. Here's 10 reasons that Tomorrow Never Dies will live up to its name.

007. The Threat Is Relevant

GPS Bond flicks have always had one step in the future when it comes to their villains' diabolical schemes. While Blofeld used the Space Race to his own maniacal end, Elliot Carver uses the burgeoning field of Global Positioning Satellites (or GPS, as they're commonly known) to play havoc on China and Great Britain. Loosely based on media mogul Rupert Murdoch, the character of Elliot Carver is one of the most evil and most organized Bond villains of all time. His powers of persuasion make it possible for him to launch a war without having a lot of intelligence or credibility to go with it. Now while it doesn't seem like anyone out there, not even Mr. Murdoch himself, would do such a thing; the whole matter doesn't seem all that incredible. Imagine someone told you that a foreign power was planning to wage a war, and while the evidence they had tenuous at best, they seemed VERY convincing. That's basically what's going on here, and it's happened before if you remember William Randolph Hearst's "Yellow Journalism" campaign before the Spanish American War. With a scarily credible, but fantastical enough threat, Tomorrow Never Dies makes for the most credibly scary Bond film yet.

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