Tony Scott Has An Idea For 24: THE MOVIE?

There's no candidate more fitting to direct a film version of Fox's 24 t.v. series than action maestro Tony Scott. Year in, year out he routinely makes frenetic, high-energy, mindlessly entertaining action vehicles that suits the thematics of the 24 show like a tailored glove. Hell, the condensed time narrative of The Taking of Pelham 123 remake could have easily satisfied an episode or two of the show. In fact you could probably argue that if it wasn't for the signature Scott style from films like Top Gun, True Romance and Crimson Tide that the concept behind a lightning paced action show with literally a ticking clock wouldn't even exist. So the fresh rumour that Tony Scott has an idea for a film based on the now defunct show that he wants to pitch to Kiefer Sutherland and Fox, is interesting. One of the show's executive producers, Howard Gordon, has told Assignment X (via Moviehole) that he has heard;
The rumors are that Tony Scott has an idea that he is going to run it by or has run it by Kiefer Sutherland. I don€™t know what the status of it is.
Gordon goes on to say that the reason we haven't seen a 24 film to date is because their current script isn't "the right proposition. It wasn€™t strong enough or compelling enough to the studio obviously to move ahead with it.€ That script was from Billy Ray and his track record of consistently producing strong and compelling work (the under-rated 2007 drama Breach which he wrote & directed, also the recent adaptation of State of Play) makes that statement seem so bizarre, but obviously Gordon is in a better position than me to know such things. However he does go on to say;
The movie is something that right now I€™m not engaged or involved in.
But with his close ties to the show, he's more likely to know than most and if he says Tony Scott might have an idea, then who are we to doubt? I really hope this rumour turns out to be true. Kiefer Sutherland deserves the chance to bring 24 to the big screen and Tony Scott could really do something special with the franchise. I just wonder what condensed narrative he has in mind, presumably it's some kind of large terrorist attack? Hopefully it involves Scott's frequent star Denzel Washington playing the villain?

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